Wednesday, October 1, 2014

All about Inflatable Swimming Pool Slides for Inground Pools

Offering fun activities to your small children in the summer is a must. In this hot season, one of your children’s favorite activities is playing in the swimming pool. Swimming and sunbathing may turn into boring activities. However, you can make their summer more enjoyable by installing one of the inflatable swimming pool slides for inground pools. Playing with this pool slides is fun. Your children will surely love it. The inflatable pool slide is much more affordable than the traditional pool slide. It is also very easy and quick to install. Having this particular pool slides will make your ordinary swimming pool turns into an exciting water park.

An inflatable swimming pool slide is not only great for summer. If you are going to host your child’s birthday party at home, having this kind of swimming pool slide is a great idea. It will make the party more entertaining. Your child and the other kids will surely love it. This pool slide is also safe for children. They can slide on their backs or head first on their tummies freely. Get rid of your worry and let them have some fun.  By having it, you can also save your money since it is cheaper than hiring a clown.

Before you buy an inflatable pool slide, you must be aware of what you will get out of it. This slide is very affordable. Its price starts at $100. Since it is an inflatable slide, you must blow it up before you use it. In consequence, you need to have a certain pump to fill it up. This slide is intended for 6 year old children and up. However, it may not be able to hold up teenagers or small kids at once. Not all inflatable pool slides are safe for kids. You must find one that has a section that will fit the pool’s edge so that it will protect your kids from being hurt

Since it is very affordable, you must not expect that it will last forever. Some users are able to use it for three summers. However, some others are not very lucky and only able to use it for a summer. It usually develops a split at the seams over time so that it flats out and cannot be used again. However, since it is not intended for permanent use, you must not be very disappointed about it. If you are looking for something more permanent, you must get a traditional pool slide. However, in order to get it, you must be willing to spend thousands of dollars on it.

Inflatable swimming pool slides are available in various designs and sizes. Some of them are pretty simple. They are also not too colorful. If you are willing to spend more than $400, you can get a bigger and more attractive one. An inflatable pool slide usually needs to be attached to a standard garden hose. Therefore, it will be more slippery and fun.

If you are going to purchase an inflatable swimming pool slide, you must choose the most durable product so that you and your kids can play with it for several summers. It is important for you to get it from a trusted brand that have specialty on inflated toys. Moreover, you must also read the testimonials about the product. You must also find out how many stars the customers gave on the product. If there is one or two customers who are not satisfied with the product, you may ignore it. But if you find that most customers are not satisfied with it, you must browse for other inflatable pool slides from other brands.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Queen Size Inflatable Mattress with Built-in Pump

Well, have you ever sleep above something which is technologically created? The thing you have to know is about the mattress which can be blown by air so that it will be filled. It is called the inflatable mattress. This mattress is very popular as well as the queen size. Whether it is for sleep or even bed rest, it is very comfortable for sure. So, what are the features on this very popular mattress? We will check it out!

Specification of Queen Inflatable Mattress

Almost all of the inflatable air mattress is created using the surface material so-called as rayon. The rayon is usually flocked. Do not think that when you want to use this mattress, you have to blow with your exhale air as well. It is unnecessary for you to spend your energy because this mattress is equipped with electrical source of air. Using the AC power source approximately 110 volt, it can transform the electric energy to become air which fill the emptiness inside the mattress. Logically, the mattress can save the area when you want to keep it. You only need to let the air come out and fold it. Usually, the mattress is created as long as 80” and 60” wide.

For the information, some features are already there to make your rest enjoyable and cozy. First, you will have the built-in air pump which use the electric energy as well. You only have to turn it on when you want to use the mattress as well. It takes only 4 minutes to inflate the mattress. This bed can be used everywhere indoor or even outdoor. But, you have to make sure that it is keep away from the sharp thing. It can be broken as well. After using, you can deflate the mattress which spend 4 minutes similarly. Moreover, you do not have to take a single pillow because the mattress has the built-in pillow which follow the air inside it. The mattress has thickness around 15” where the height is double height bed.

The Inflatable Mattress is Instantly Used

Well, when the bed has queen size, it can be used for 2 people. You can also use it everywhere you want. With the thickness around 15”, you can place the bed anywhere except the sharp platform. Overall, the mattress weight is 16.0 Lb. but can stand over around 350 Lb. for sure. After you obtain this fabulous and simple mattress, you do not have to assembly the divided part as well. As it is already created with built-in features, you only have to plug it with the electricity. Even, a battery is not really important for the air pump. Make sure that you prepare the carrying case so that you can carry this functional yet instant mattress anywhere of your life goes on.

But, you have to pay attention to some tips for using this instant mattress. Firstly, you have to make sure the firmness of mattress. Sometimes, after the frequent and long used, the firmness will be loosen. So, at least, pump it again after a week use to keep the firmness. Secondly, the high temperature can affect the firmness on the bed. So, if you do not want to lose the air inside, put it aside from the high temperature object or area such as near heaters or fireplaces. It is also could be very dangerous when the fire can melt down the rayon material as well. You can also use the external pump when the built-in air pump is not working. There is a small channel to flown the air inside as well. So, it is very good to have the inflatable mattress with air pump as well.